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Trust Deeds (Real Estate Notes)  You can invest in real estate secured loans by buying notes and trust deeds (deeds of trust, mortgages).  The trust deed pays you a high interest rate, and is secured with real estate as collateral.  Once you learn the basics, you may also choose to invest in discount trust deeds, or mobile home notes, that can generate even higher returns.

Trust deeds can provide a high monthly income, much higher than the rate you get at a bank, or with government, municipal or corporate bonds, or with an annuity, and you can buy trust deeds in your self-directed IRA or Roth IRA, where the income is tax-deferred or tax-free.

We can research local economic conditions and real estate market conditions.  

Real estate is a localized and segmented investment.  While real estate may be weak in one market it may be stable or growing stronger in another market.  Different market segments go through different cycles based on supply and demand, economic growth, job growth, average incomes, future prospects and availability of financing.

Single family housing, multi-family housing, apartments, condos, luxury homes, resorts, low-income housing, mobile homes, manufactured housing, retirement communities, retail space, office space, medical office space, medical care facilities, industrial space, storage space, agricultural property and raw land or developed land are separate market segments.  Don't assume that if you hear that housing values or housing foreclosures are going up or down in one city, that the other real estate market segments are going up or down at the same time.  Professional investors use market research to find the best opportunities as conditions change.

We have many years of real estate investing experience.  

Contact us for information on Trust Deed Investing.

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Learn how to put your money to work earning 50%, 75%, 100% and more.  This book has taught thousands for over 20 years.  Covers the basics of how to find, sell and create cash flow with used mobile homes.  How to run the numbers and make big returns.  231 pages. Includes basic contracts and forms.  Updated 2004.  

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Ebook: Making Money With Mobile Homes, Lonnie Scruggs

This is a follow-up book to Deals On Wheels, picking up where it leaves off.  Shows you how to make good deals even better.  Covers more advanced deals, strategies and techniques including co-ventures with others to split profits, selling all or part of your note to recover your initial investment, and mobile home parks.  Lonnie's books are considered classics for mobile home cash flow investors.

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Mobile Home Appraisal and Book Value Form

Contact us for a property value estimate for mobile homes and manufactured homes.  We need the name of the manufacturer, date of manufacture, model/trade name, size, location and condition.

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