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Managing Rental Property    

Our award-winning property management class for rental properties.
Training for landlords, property managers, real estate investors, real estate brokers, neighborhood watch, police crime prevention officers


Avoid headaches, hassles, and lawsuits by learning how to manage your rental property professionally.  Maximize your profits and minimize your risks. Learn about advertising, tenant screening, discrimination, showing vacancies, and essential lease clauses.  Receive vital information about crime prevention, drugs, gangs, security issues,  premises liability and using LLCs for asset protection.  Learn about landlord tenant law, housing codes, security deposits, handling problems, evictions, maintenance, record keeping, and taxes.  Leave with proper training, information, rental forms, a resource list, and the inside tricks of the trade.  The class is valuable to current landlords, real estate investors, real estate brokers and property managers or for those considering owning or managing rental property in the Pikes Peak region, Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Greeley, Castle Rock, Pueblo, and all of Colorado. (See list of class topics below)

Jerry Lucas
is past national chairman of the Independent Rental Owners Council (IROC) of the National Apartment Association and a Certified Crime Prevention Specialist. He has owned and managed real estate for many years.

Call now or click on web links below to register for this class.


Colorado Springs Classes, Apartment Association of Southern Colorado (AASC)
To register, call (719) 264-9195,  or visit their website at www.AASChq.org


Note: This class qualifies for 4 Continuing Education (CE) credits for real estate brokers.


Saturday morning class
    Saturday, 9:00 am-1:00 pm

    Class Dates: Classes are scheduled based on student demand.  Generally, 3 or more students are required to hold a class.
    Call AASC or Jerry Lucas to let us know you are interested and we will schedule a class.  
Invite your landlord friends to come along with you.


Class Topics Include:

  • Reducing risks

  • Using an LLC for rental property ownership

  • Marketing, Advertising

  • Showing vacancies

  • Tenant screening, background checks

  • Rental applications

  • Fair Housing laws, discrimination

  • Section 8 housing program (see Housing Authority of the City of Colorado Springs)

  • Contracts, leases, rental agreements

  • Pets

  • Lead paint

  • Maintenance and repairs

  • Warranty of Habitability

  • Handling problems

  • Crime prevention, fire prevention

  • Drugs and gangs

  • Security issues, premises liability

  • Security deposits

  • Evictions

  • Landlord tenant law

  • Housing codes

  • Record keeping

  • Taxes

  • Apartment Association membership information

  • Questions & Answers

For more information, 

please call us at or send email to 

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