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 Models & Library


Left click on links below to view .PDF files and Excel spreadsheet models, charts, data and documents.  If asked for a User name or password, click on Cancel to proceed.  Please report any problems so they may be corrected.  To download Acrobat Reader for viewing .PDF files click here.

1. MARKET TRACKER WIZARD Dynamic Asset Allocation Model
(.PDF file to view with Acrobat Reader)  This is a Sample File.  The latest version is password protected and available to our clients and subscribers only.

Our exclusive, proprietary, MARKET TRACKER WIZARD™ computer model analysis of investment trends in an easy-to-understand, COLOR-CODED spreadsheet.  

2. Dynamic Asset Allocation .PDF brochure- explains how active money managers use computer models to reduce risk and increase returns by selecting the best investments for current market conditions and selling poor performers to minimize losses.

3. Microsoft Excel Viewer  Free utility from Microsoft for individuals that do not have  Microsoft Excel installed.  Download and install to view and print Excel spreadsheets.  (For Windows based computers.)

4. Sector rotation  Sector_Rotation.DOC
Matching investment choices to the changing phases of the business cycle.

5. Colorado Economy  www.coloradoeconomy.com/coecon.html
Some key economic indicators for Colorado.

6. Stock Market History, Since 1920, Monthly Data   MarketHistory.PDF  See the recent and long-term trends in the S&P500, NASDAQ, DJIA and NYSE stock indexes, plus the CRB Commodity Futures Index, which shows price trends for natural resources.

7. Mutual Fund HQ Geographic Location List   MutualFundHQ.XLS
Do you know what cities your mutual funds headquarters are located in?  
Are they all in the same city or are you geographically diversified?

8. Asset Protection/Estate Planning Matrix    AssetProtectionPlan.XLS
Use this spreadsheet to plan asset protection & estate planning strategies.

9. Rental Property Analyzer    RentalPropertyAnalyzer95.XLS
(or RentalPropertyAnalyzer95.PDF to view with Acrobat Reader)  Use this spreadsheet to compare the investment performance of your current rental property investments or when shopping for new rental property.

10. Colorado LLC Statutes.PDF If you have an LLC, be sure to read and follow the LLC laws.  Check periodically for changes in the laws.  We suggest keeping a copy of the laws in your LLC records book.  We also have copies of the LLC laws for other states.  Contact us for more information.

11. Colorado Homestead Exemption laws.PDF  Learn how to use the homestead exemption laws to protect your home equity from lawsuits.  Contact us for more information.

12. Colorado Tax Lien Statutes.PDF
If you need information on Colorado tax liens, sales, and certificates, be sure to read and follow the tax lien laws.  Check periodically for changes in the laws.

13. QuitClaimDeed.PDF A sample QuitClaim Deed form used to transfer ownership.  Work with a real estate attorney and a title company when transferring real estate.  Check with your lender regarding "due on sale" provisions in your loan agreement before transferring ownership.  Don't forget to contact your insurance agent about the change in ownership.

14. RentToOwnAddendum.PDF A sample Rent To Own (lease/purchase option) form used to give tenant/Buyer an option to buy the property they are renting.  Use a real estate attorney to review all legal documents.

15. Colorado Small Claims Court Handbook  Useful guide for understanding Colorado small claims court procedures.

16. Colorado Health Care Availability Act Statutes.PDF  For physicians, dentists, nurses and other health care professionals, read the laws regarding medical malpractice liability limits under Colorado tort reform.  Seek legal counsel for legal questions.  Contact us for questions on asset protection strategies.

17. Terrorist Training Manual, Lesson 4, Renting Apartments   Terrorist_Manual_Apartments.DOC
Here's a chapter from the terrorist training manual. Learn what the terrorists are being taught about renting apartments.  Must reading for landlords and property managers.

18. Retirement Savings Calculator     RetirementSavingsCalculator.PDF  Use this calculator table to estimate how much you will need to save for retirement to produce your desired retirement income.

19. Diversified Commodity Index Comparison  Compares the composition of several commodity indexes and natural resource funds.  For education purposes only, not an investment recommendation.



Other Models

We have other data and models of economic indicators and financial markets.

Please call us at or send email to for more information.  Or submit your request or question here, using our online form.

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