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 Colorado Health Insurance


Colorado Health Insurance

Colorado health insurance/medical insurance products are offered by Jerry Lucas, independent insurance agent/broker, dba Advisor Insurance Services, from a number of health insurance companies to provide you with quality, affordable coverage.  Individual and group health insurance products are available.  As an independent insurance agent/broker in Colorado Springs, we can shop for you to find the lowest rates or the plan features you want.  

or call Jerry Lucas, independent insurance agent/broker, in Colorado Springs at for assistance.
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Colorado Health Insurance

We offer individual and group Colorado health insurance and supplemental insurance from leading companies including Aetna, AIG, Assurant (Time, Fortis), United Healthcare (Golden Rule), United American, US Life, World, Colorado Bankers Life, AmeriValue Plan, AHCP Dental  and others at competitive rates.  As an independent insurance agent/broker, we can shop for you to find the lowest rates.  You can apply online below or call us for more information. 

Health/Medical Insurance 
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Aetna Brochure

Assurant Brochure 1
Assurant Brochure 2 

Golden Rule Brochure World America's Select Brochure

Colorado Short Term Medical insurance from Time Insurance Company is designed for generally healthy people who are:

Looking for Lower-Cost Alternative to COBRA, 
Between Jobs, On Strike, Laid-Off or Losing Their Jobs,
Recent College Graduates,
Temporary or Seasonal Employees,
Waiting for Employer Coverage to Begin,
No Longer Covered Under Parents' Plan

Colorado Student Select insurance
for college students

  World Insurance Quote

Supplemental Insurance and Discount Dental Programs

United American Foundation Signature Series Brochure
UA Colorado Rates

HealthCardNow Website
Agent ID: GL8139

AmeriValue Plan Brochure CBL Critical Illness brochure

(New! Available 8/2008)

Discount Dental Website

Worried about paying your deductible?

Hospital inpatient expense policy designed to cover major medical deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance.

Choose from $2,000 to $10,000 maximum benefit levels per year.

Optional hospital outpatient benefit rider.

Allows you to raise your  deductible on major medical insurance to save on monthly premiums.


A limited benefit, guaranteed issue health insurance program


including hospital inpatient, intensive care unit, surgery, doctor visits, ambulance, critical illness, accident medical expense, accidental death and dismemberment, plus consumer savings for many products and services as a member of America's Health Care Consumer Association (AHCCA).  Choose from Signature 300 or Signature 1000 plan to suit your needs and budget.


Limited benefit health insurance is also known as guaranteed issue health insurance, and is more affordable than basic health insurance or major medical insurance.


Please Note:  Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance provides limited benefits and is not basic health insurance or major medical coverage, and is not designed as a substitute for basic health insurance or major medical coverage.  It is best suited for those that do not qualify for major medical coverage due to health problems, or those that cannot afford higher premiums or want to choose less coverage at a lower price.  Please call us for assistance and questions.

Guaranteed Acceptance!


AmeriValuePLAN USA offers health savings, consumer savings, business savings and supplemental insurance coverage through membership in America’s Health Care Consumer Association (AHCCA)


  Accident Medical
  Critical Illness
  Accident Disability Income
  Accidental Death
& Dismemberment
  Emergency Rescue


Call us for more information about AmeriValuePLAN


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Become a Member

Colorado Bankers Life,
Timber Ridge Series,
10 Year Renewable 
Term Life Insurance with
Critical Illness 
Living Benefits Rider


Pays you lump sump cash benefits directly to you, upon first diagnosis, to use as you choose, for:

  Cancer (
invasive) 100%

  Heart attack 100%

  Stroke 100%

  Kidney (renal failure) 100%

  Major organ transplant 100%

  Terminal illness 100%

  Advanced Alzheimer's 100%

  Loss of Independent Living 100%

  Loss of limbs  100%

  Major burns  100%

  Paralysis  100%

  Coronary bypass surgery 25%

  Heart valve surgery 25%

  Aortic surgery  25%

  Angioplasty 10%

  Death from any cause 100% (except suicide during the first two years)

Wouldn't a check be better than a get well card?

Use the cash for paying insurance co-pays and deductibles, living expenses, home health care, housekeeping, child care, lost income, re-training, non-covered experimental treatments, as you choose.

Discount dental plans from $79.95/year!

Discount Dental and Medical Programs are NOT insurance

These discount programs are available in most states and offer member discounts on dental, medical, health, vision, hearing, prescriptions, chiropractic, diabetic supplies and more.

Plans vary by zip code.

Enroll now to 
Become a Member

Sample Monthly Rates, Inpatient, Male, Colorado
Issue age 0-63

Age      Rate     Coverage
 30      $17/$30  $5K/$10K
 40      $24/$45  $5K/$10K
 50      $37/$72  $5K/$10K
 60    $54/$106  $5K/$10K

Signature 300 Plan
Individual  $149.99/mo
Family     $299.99/mo

Signature 1000 Plan
Individual  $249.99/mo
Family     $499.99/mo

Individual Plan

Family Plan

Sample Monthly Rates,
Non-tobacco User,
Issue age 18-64

Age   Rate  Coverage
 30      $30  $49,719
 40      $50  $47,861
 50    $100  $47,053
 60    $100  $22,711

Discount dental plans from $79.95/year


Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are similar to Medical Savings Accounts (MSA), and became widely available  in 2004 to anyone with a high-deductible health insurance policy that meets certain rules created by the Medicare Modernization Act recently passed by Congress.  An HSA provides a tax-advantaged way to reduce costs for health care coverage for individuals or small businesses.  


Archer Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs) are available for self-employed business owners and businesses with 50 or less employees, who also have a high-deductible health insurance policy. We offer these high deductible insurance policies for use with an HSA or MSA.  These high deductible policies are much less expensive than typical insurance policies, HMO or PPO health plans, saving you money.


To reduce your out of pocket medical and dental expenses, you can join a medical/dental discount program. Call us for more information.

You pay for smaller medical expenses from your pocket, or from your HSA or MSA, and the high-deductible health policy pays for big medical expenses above your deductible.  Money you contribute to your HSA or MSA gives you a 100% tax deduction and grows tax deferred until you need it.  It may be invested in interest bearing accounts, or you can invest it in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds (see www.HSAbank.com).


Money from an HSA or MSA may be used to pay for medical care, dental, vision, long term care insurance and many other medical expenses as defined by the IRS.  Money that is not used for medical expenses can grow and may be used as additional retirement money after age 65.  Money contributed to an HSA or MSA is not forfeited if not used by the end of the year.  It is carried forward and can be used for future medical expenses or left to grow.


We can assist you in comparing your choices, selecting a qualifying insurance policy and a custodian to hold your HSA or MSA funds.

Call Jerry Lucas in Colorado Springs at for more information on Health Savings Accounts.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness insurance
provides a lump sum cash payment in the event of certain specific illnesses or critical health conditions.  You use the money any way you decide to pay bills, seek treatment not covered by health insurance, hire a caregiver or helper,  or even to help train for a new occupation if needed.  Can be a good solution for singles and those without disability insurance.


(For critical illness insurance, see Colorado Bankers Life product listed above)


Disability Insurance

While health insurance helps to pay your medical bills, disability Insurance helps to replace your earned income if you are unable to work.  There are short term and long term disability insurance products available.  You should have a plan for how you would support yourself and your family if you become disabled, especially with a long term or a permanent disability.  If your spouse also works, could you live off only one income?  If you do not have an emergency savings fund or other source of income, you need to consider disability insurance.


One recent study listed the following leading causes of disability and the percentage of claims:


Short Term Disability

    • 18 percent - Normal pregnancy
    • 10 percent - Injuries (not including back)
    • 8 percent - Digestive/intestinal diseases
    • 8 percent - Pregnancy (complications)
    • 7 percent - Reproductive/urinary system diseases


Long Term Disability

    • 12 percent - Cancer
    • 10 percent - Complications of pregnancy
    • 10 percent - Joint/muscle/connective tissue diseases
    • 8 percent - Back injuries
    • 8 percent - Cardiovascular disease


Call Jerry Lucas in Colorado Springs for a FREE QUOTE and to discuss your disability insurance needs. 


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Please Note:  Life, health and long term care insurance are offered to Colorado residents only, by Jerry Lucas, dba Advisor Insurance Services, a licensed insurance agent in Colorado Springs.  Discount health and dental programs are NOT insurance and are available to residents in most states.  Limited benefit medical insurance plans are not a substitute for major medical insurance plans. We recommend that you purchase adequate insurance to protect you from catastrophic financial risks.

Notice: Colorado Life and Health Insurance Protection Association limited coverage for Colorado residents

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