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Insurance, Annuities, Small Business Consulting

 Colorado Annuities


Annuities are offered by Jerry Lucas, independent insurance agent, to Colorado residents only.  Buyer's Guide to Equity Indexed Annuities

Notice: Colorado Life and Health Insurance Protection Association limited coverage for Colorado residents


We have annuities offered by several major insurance companies. Be sure that you understand how an annuity works before making an investment.  Annuities are suited for long term investing, and can generate guaranteed retirement income, guaranteed by the issuing insurance company.  Make sure that you understand any fees and surrender charges and that you review the financial strength of the insurance company.

If you already own an annuity, that you are unhappy with, you can do a tax-free exchange (Section 1035 exchange) of your annuity into another annuity product, that may offer better performance or features.

Call us or click here for a Free Consultation on your annuity questions.

Fixed and Variable Annuities

Fixed and variable annuities can help you achieve your investing goals in a tax-deferred product.


Annuities are issued by insurance companies and provide a tax-deferred vehicle for savings and a guaranteed stream of income during retirement. You can choose a monthly income stream for a certain number of years or for life.  Fixed annuities provide a fixed rate of return, that may be reset periodically. Variable annuities offer investment choices with a variable rate of return.  Some annuities also offer long term care benefits.


Fixed annuities are a more conservative investment than variable annuities.  


For a variable annuity, you will need to select and manage your investment choices.  

We can help you with annuity questions and avoid costly mistakes before you buy.  If you buy the wrong annuity, you may be trapped and find you cannot get out for many years without paying a big penalty in the form of an exit fee or surrender charge.

Call us or click here for a Free Consultation on your annuity questions.

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