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 Colorado Life Insurance


COLORADO LIFE INSURANCE  Colorado life insurance products are offered by Jerry Lucas from major life insurance companies to provide you with high quality, affordable coverage.  Life insurance and health insurance products are offered to Colorado residents only, by Jerry Lucas,  independent insurance agent.
Notice: Colorado Life and Health Insurance Protection Association limited coverage for Colorado residents

send an e-mail request or call Jerry Lucas at for assistance.  

Term Life Insurance

Provides life insurance for a specific time period (term). Does not build up cash value. Ask us about the new Return of Premium (ROP) option which returns all of the premiums you pay for the insurance. 

Call or send email for a free term life insurance quote
with low rates from leading insurance companies.  

Watch for online term insurance quotes coming soon!


Variable Universal Life (VUL) Insurance

Provides life insurance protection and builds cash value using professionally managed investments with variable returns.  Most variable insurance products are sold with high sales commissions that reduce your cash value and have high surrender charges for many years after purchase.  


You can buy no load and low load life insurance products, with no sales commissions and no surrender charges, that build up cash value for you more quickly.

You can buy a VUL policy from Ameritas Direct and pay no sales commissions and no surrender charges.  They can answer your questions about their VUL product.  Contact their salaried professionals at 1-800-555-4655.


For variable life insurance, you will need to select and manage your investment choices.  

Do research before you buy.  If you buy the wrong product, you may be trapped and find you cannot get out for many years without paying a big penalty in the form of an exit fee or surrender charge.

Make sure you understand what you are buying, before you buy it.  


Call Jerry Lucas or click here for a Free Consultation on your Colorado life insurance questions.

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